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Company profile

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The company is located  in rural Forging of Dingxiang County of Shanxi Province. Company is adjacent with the Buddhist holy land 60 km Mount Wutai in north , with Taiyuan city 90 km in south and close to Qinfu road . It have superior geographical environment, much steel, coal, electric power and other resources.
Company covers an area of 39960 square meters, and Engineering and technical personnel 15 people .Our main forging products have carbon steel flanges,stainless steel flanges, Alloy steel flanges,Long welding Neck,Valve body, Valve parts,  Long Wind power flange, Anchor flange, Gear ring, Shaft ,Gear and so on .
The company has TUV, ISO, PED, 24001,45001,CRN and other certificates.
ASTM A105、A350 LF2、C22.8、P250GH、A516 GR70、A182 F304L、A182 F316L、A182 F347H、A182 F51、A182 F53、A182 F55、A182 F60、A182F1、A182F5、A182F9、A182F11、A182F22、A694F52、A694F60、A694F65、A694F70、F6a、410S、4130、4140、Q345、Q420、Q460、Q550、Q620、Q690、Q890、Q960、6625 are involved in list of raw material. 
Company integrated production line with forging, machining and heat treatment, is provided with strong technical force and perfect detection means . Product sales to Chinese mainland and abroad and has broad market prospects .

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Wei Village, Shenshan Town, Dingxiang County, xinzhou city,Shanxi Province



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